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Handbook of Enterprise Integration

Mostafa Hashem Sherif, Editor

The Handbook of Enterprise Integration brings together the latest research and application results to provide infrastructure engineers, software engineers, software developers, system designers, and project managers with a clear and comprehensive understanding of systems integration technologies, architectures, applications, and project management techniques involved in enterprise system integration. The text includes coverage of mobile communications, standards for integrated manufacturing and e-commerce, RFID, Web-based systems, and complete service-oriented enterprise modeling and analysis. Practitioners will benefit from insights on managing virtual teams as well as techniques for introducing complex technology into businesses. Covering best practices in enterprise systems integration, the text helps you:

  • Bring together existing systems for business processes improvement
  • Design and implement systems that can be reconfigured quickly and easily in response to evolving operational needs
  • Establish procedures for achieving smooth migrations from legacy systems—with minimal disruption to existing operations

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